You Can Ring My Bell

BING, BONG. I say “Bing, Bong” because we have a rather nice doorbell that doesn’t just go, “Bing,” or “Brrrrrrriiiinnnngggg …” as doorbells seem to do these days; and neither does it go, “Bong” like a Westminster chime might do. No, it has a rich, mellifluous, “Bing, Bong,” a definite announcement reminiscent of a past era when the butler would intone with a dead pan, “Mr Pish Posh to see you, sir.”

“Ah, very good, Smithers,” you’d say, “Show him into the Library, if you would, and inform him that I’ll be there presently.”

“Very good, sir.”

It’s the kind of chime that says, “There’s someone at the door wishing to see you. However, there’s no need to rush as I’m sure they can wait a few moments, but, if you choose not to answer the door then I shouldn’t worry about it since they’ll either ring the doorbell again or they’ll go away.” Continue reading