Only In America pt 2

Image of advert from advertising paper illustrating a man in a truck pointing a rifle at a turkey.

"I say, that bristly looking fellow's got a gun... And he's pointing it right me... I... I... I think he's going to shoot! Ohhhh, I feel faint... Ohhhhhhhh..."

OMG! It keeps getting better! Now we have a new character, and poor old Mr (or is that Mrs, I can’t tell) Turkey has a definite worried look. Better run for them thar hills, Boy. Just as well it’s not a pheasant or I’m sure that ‘game’ old boy in the truck would be a pheasant plucker’s son. Anyone need stuffing?

Only In America

I’ve bought several cars in the past but I’ve never had this kind of ‘special’ offer! Does the truck come with gun rack installed? Could the sales person throw in a box of shells, too, as a sweetener? Yee Haa.