On this page you’ll find links to sermons that I’ve written and delivered. They were mostly written over a period of some years when I was active in the Church of England as a licensed Lay Reader.

I always found preaching to be an enjoyable experience despite the fact that I was always pretty nervous when it came to actually standing up and speaking. I suffered from an extreme lack of saliva when trying to speak publicly – to such an extent that it often felt as if my tongue had swollen so much that I could barely speak at all – and always had to have a glass of water to hand and, in fact, I always built a drinking pause into my sermons so as to refresh my mouth, so to speak. It’s quite handy having built in pauses because one can often use them for dramatic effect or to emphasize a point.

I hope you enjoy them and perhaps even find them beneficial.


God’s Calling In Our Lives

All Saints Day



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