Botanical Impressions

One thing I miss about living in the UK compared to living here in the USA are the national organisations dedicated to the preservation of historically significant sites, buildings and countryside such as the National Trust and English Heritage. America is a comparatively young nation and as such the care and preservation of its historical structures and artifacts is mostly left up to individual societies, or indeed, individual people. There is, in fact, a “National Register of Historic Places” and individual States and Counties have their own historic districts – we actually live in one such area, the “York Chester National Historic District,” and the houses within its borders are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The parent body for the National Register is the National Park Service which is dedicated to safeguarding America’s nearly 400 national parks.

I was therefore delighted to discover a site not far from where we live, situated in a beautiful 400 acre landscape extending to the shores of Lake Wylie that has been dedicated to the development of a ‘world class’ botanical garden. The grand opening of the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden was in 1999 though the original vision first took shape in 1989. The site includes gardens, a woodland trail, fountains and an orchid conservatory. This then, is now the place where we can go and enjoy pollen laden walks in delightful surroundings and I can practice my photography between sneezes, since I have recently become a member of the gardens. Here are some of my latest efforts. I hope you like them.


2 thoughts on “Botanical Impressions

  1. In my humble opinion, these photos are quite exquisite. I am anxious to see what you captured at the wedding. I noticed you photographing the silk arrangements tossed onto the sand while the wedding party dipped their toes in the surf. I would love to see how that turned out! Thank you for the lovely note left at the beachhouse.

    • Thank you for your comment. I did photograph the flowers on the beach and I’ll include that picture in the final selection. Thanks for having us to stay and we look forward to the next time, it’s always a pleasure.

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