Pepper Steak Recipe

Slow_Cooker_Pepper_SteakIt’s been a while since I last ventured to publish a recipe. Has it been quiet on the slow cooker front? Not at all but most of what I’ve been cooking have been repeat performances. Back by popular demand and, sometimes, through simple expediency because I happened to have the ingredients to hand. Today, however, I thought I’d try something new/different. As always it’s easy to prepare. Continue reading


Arachnopho… tography

Calling Matthew Sharpe. Hey Matt, this one’s for you. I was on my way to photograph this whilst enjoying a stroll on a beach on an island in the middle of Lake Norman…

… when I spotted this little fella and thought of you. Handsome markings, don’t you think?

Spider on a branch

Running In The Past

Living in a designated historic area I guess we should expect the unusual, so it was with mild surprise that we discovered that there was to be a run for charity with a route that would pass right by our front door. The race is sponsored by the Community Foundation of Gaston County with the purpose of raising finds for nonprofit organisations within the community. Continue reading