Some Of What I Left Behind

Looking at a map of the world the other day, in particular North America and Canada, I was reminded of how vast a land mass this continent that we now live on is. In the old days, the home country seemed a big place but size is relative, I guess, and driving from one end of the country to the other – say from Newcastle to Torquay –  used to be a daunting prospect (unless you’re a sales rep or truck driver and that’s your job). Here though, making a road trip of 6 or 7 hours is a matter of course and the distance traveled is taken for granted, e.g., our recent trip from Charlotte, NC to Jacksonville, FL. There is so much to see here and I’m really looking forward to exploring more of this continent.

People here, when they inquire as to where I’m from, keep telling me that they want to visit the UK and then go on to talk about London. Well, as diminutive in size compared to the great expanse of North America as they may be, the British Isles has some pretty spectacular scenery of its own (not limited to London). So, I thought for the benefit of our new friends over here and to remind me of what I left behind, here is a photographic retrospective of some of the parts of the North East of England that were familiar to me and favourite haunts of mine.


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