‘Tis The Season …

Since coming to America I’ve discovered a health issue that I’ve previously been immune to. Allergies.

When I’d heard people talk about ‘allergies’ in the past it always reminded me of Jack Lemon as Felix Ungar in The Odd Couple. All my life I’ve been able to romp about in the hay bales, stroll through fields chest high with rape plants, inhale deeply the fragrances of flower gardens, watch fluffy clouds traverse across the sky whilst lying on my back in a summer meadow, etc, etc …… you get the picture.

Now, I have to take an antihistamine tablet everyday unless I want to spend the day sneezing my head off! The reason? This stuff:

There are so many oak trees round here that come the spring everything is coated with a thick layer of sneezing powder. Wipe it off and in a couple of hours it’ll be as if you hadn’t done so. I washed my car early afternoon the other day and by the evening it looked just as it had done that morning – covered in yellow pollen.

We leap about like spring lambs, wagging our tails and bleating about the lovely spring flowers, but for some with the beauty comes peril.

‘Tis the season to be sneezin’. Bless you.


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